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Wed, Feb. 2nd, 2005, 12:20 pm
Bot::Infobot - an update

So Tom and I disagreed on the way that infobot factoids should be stored and then presented - I prefer a random factoid out a possible list, he prefers a massive concatenation of all of them (providing it's less than the irc line limit, obviously) so that


    <tom> bot, foo?
    <bot> tom - foo is bar or quux or quirka


    <muttley> bot, foo?
    <bot> muttley - foo is bar
    <muttley> bot, foo?
    <bot> muttley - foo is quux
    <muttley> bot, foo?
    <bot> muttley - foo is quirka

after a bit of back and forth I figured out a way to have both and went off to implement it/ But the Infobot.pm code is icky so, being a good little coder I wanted to implement tests first. Which is dull. And so therefore I haven't done it yet. Bad me :(