Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow


... which had a tiny but significant bug to do with running under tests.

Richard Clamp diagnosed a problem as being due to the fact that we exclude anything not from blib if there was is in %INC.

    my @SEARCHDIR = exists $INC{""} ? grep {/blib/} @INC : @INC;

Of course if the module being tested used another module that used Module::Pluggable then the second module would fail because none of its plugins would work either..

So, fixed it by checking to see if the caller had (^|/)blib/ in their filename.

    my $filename = (caller)[1];
    my @SEARCHDIR = exists $INC{""} && $filename =~ m!(^|/)blib/! ? 
                    grep {/blib/} @INC : @INC;

Which seems to fix everything.

Tags: blib, bug, clamp, exclude, plugins, running, tests

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