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Thu, Feb. 10th, 2005, 12:20 pm
email shennanigans

In a desperate push to try and get Buscador out I spent the last week battling various weird Email::* related bugs. That plus some stuff at work is what led to this.

Using the fantastic Devel::RichardC I got various things fixed, released new versions of Email::Store, Email::Store::Thread and Email::Store::Summary and released a new module called Email::Store::HTML.

Then I tried to work out where I'd been with Buscador the last time I played with it, cleaned up a few things, built a website for it and then finally did a release, depsite their being several unicode bugs - for a start an old version that happened to be installed deals with unicode names but my version doesn't. $diety only knows why.

I'm now completely code blind and lost all perspective on it so it's time for something else, if only temporarily.