Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Number o' modules

The CPAN Leaderboard tells me that I've put out 35 packages. With the 5 I've got waiting for Bot::Infobot (still pending a release of Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable from Tom) that'll bring me up to 40, leap frogging Leon to take me up to 6th place.

Not that this a race of course, but it is slightly worrying. That's a lot of crap I've spewed out - I'll be the 14th equal most prolific contributor to CPAN.

I should plot a graph of all my releases noting the difference between updates and new ones. I seem to remember my first module was File::Binary which I needed for my dissertation. The fastest release I did was Acme::Magic8Ball which went from conception to CPAN upload in 10 minutes. Of course then it needed a bug fix but hey ho ;)

Tags: acme, binary, bot, bug fix, conception, cpan, crap, dissertation, graph, hey ho, leaderboard, leap, leon, magic8ball, prolific, upload

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