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Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 12:30 pm

For ages I've wanted a plugin for Siesta that, given the public keys of subscribers and a public-key/private-key pair for a list will reject any non-signed, non-encrypted mail posted and then sign and encrypt each mail sent out to list members.

I even sat down and tried to do it a couple of times.

Then Simon Cozen's mentioned that it'd be really useful for missionaries and so the might Mr Clamp gave it a go

And then he gave up because as the comment says

    # XXX ALL GPG/Mail modules SUCK!

The biggest problem being that they have no way of you saying

    my $object     = GPG::Object->new($mail->body);
    my $plain_text = $object->decrypt($private_key);
    my $is_signed  = $object->is_signed($someones_public_key);
    my $other      = GPG::Object->new($plain_text);
    my $encrypted  = $other->encrypt($someones_public_key);

and instead rely on getting a key out of a store via a key-id which, I suppose, is a throw back to the fact that they're most wrappers round gpg.

I sense Yak Shaving in the future.