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Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005, 01:40 pm

For various reasons I have need of extracting various bits of information from the /dev/input/event* devices under Linux. Previously I'd been using this which was based on Gerd Knorr's input tools which felt a bit hacky.

John Beppu's Linux::Input doesn't seem to do quite what I wanted so I dug into Gerd's C and then wrapped some XS round it et voilá, it's all good. Enter Linux::Input::Info, stage left.

The only things I'm worried about are detcting whether or not there is a input device module on the system (I've got no non-input devices to check against) and memory leaks. I should really look at Devel::LeakTrace, Devel::ObjectTracker or Devel::Leak.