Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow


Perl is weird. I mean, I know a lot of people think that it's weird full stop but sometimes it really suffers from the opensource malaise - the glaring holes in functionality that everyone knows about but no-one seems to want to fix -PGP is a particular favourite of mine. SOAP::Lite seems to be another massive bug bear. For ages, until the DateTime suite of modules came along, dates and, err, times were like that. I could go on.

ICalendar used to be like that. There was Reefknot - a sort of attempt to do calendaring stuff in Perl which produced Net::ICal and Text::vFile which sort of read .ics files. But, to be frank, they were all shit.

The mighty Richard Clamp did Text::vFile::asData which parsed a file into a loose data structure but it wasn't until Jesse 'RT' Vincent mentioned to me that he'd been writing Data::ICal which had a proper object model and a handy as_string method that things began looking up. But Data::ICal couldn't parse. Which sort of sucked.

Clearly the only avenue open for a good open source citizen was to weave together Text::vFile::asData and Data::ICal which LO! I did. And sorted out their timezone support. And even added tests because I'm attempting to be angelic in a test-driven kind of way. So now Perl has a sensible, easy to use ICalendar module can which round trip an .ics file. HUZZAH!.

Tags: angelic, data structure, datetime, err, huzzah, ical, icalendar, ics, malaise, object model, parse, parsed, perl, pgp, round trip, soap lite, string method, timezone, weave, weird

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