Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Speaking of Behemoths

Little known fact - Module::Pluggable grew out of an article I was writing for about why some code needn't go into modules and should just be copied and pasted. Of course now it's a burgeoning monstrosity because it fell foul of feature creep and ... euuch. It's horrible.

Fortunately Mark Fowler has stepped up and, in the quest to make Module::Pluggable work with PAR has refactored the whole thing massively and documented some of the design descisions. Maybe when he's done I can bung in the immediate instantiation which Module::Pluggable::Fast has and maybe they can kill that once and for all.

Bitter about people forking my code without asking - me? No!

Tags: bung, burgeoning, creep, fortunately, horrible, mark fowler, monstrosity, par, perl, quest

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