Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

EventQueue is go

Ages ago I wrote a web based calendar and it was good.

All this calendaring stuff has been about the aformentioned EventQueue and I finally got round to sitting down and banging out the framework for finally building it.

It's actually all come together really quickly and has shaken out a load of bugs and edgecases in Data::ICal::DateTime and, currently, it can fetch events from a number of (potentially remote) sources and collate them using the two current providers - the ICalendar one and the DBI one.

So, what's left to do?

* Multiple views

There needs to be an easy way to display in different views so that I can have .ics, RSS and hCalendar as well.

* Build and install scripts

It should be trivial to get EventQueue up and running. Stealing a trick from PHP Gallery (worst. name. EVAR!) I'm using .htaccess files to handle trick bits so it should be as easy as just doing

    % eventqueue-install 

and then editing a .config file. Although I could detect whether one exists and run a config generator if not.

* Themes

Everybody's got to have them

And basically flesh outt he interface a bit more. Going on to v2.0 I'd like to add Palm DB and SyncML providers and put in support for multiple users with an ACL. But I'll have to think about that.

Tags: acl, basically, bugs, collate, datetime, dbi, fetch, flesh, htaccess files, ical, icalendar, ics, php gallery, scripts, stealing, syncml, web based calendar

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