Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

On Search

A note to myself to write some more on search engines. I've been having thoughts agin which basically revolve around the 3 or 4 ways people use search engines viz. - when they're looking for a specific something (say, a song lyric) which uses an inverted index, when they're researching a topic (such as "neuro linguistic programming") in which case a directory is a good tool, then there's a jumping point (searching for "hotmail", "the bbc", "weather", etc etc) and finally as a desktop shell or tool (like Google's calculator or the things which we used to call Inside Yahoo Matches and are now called shortcuts).

None of it's revolutionary I just need to serialise it from my own brain to help me organise it.

Tags: agin, basically, bbc, brain, calculator, desktop shell, google, hotmail, inverted index, neuro linguistic programming, revolve, search engines, shortcuts, song lyric, tool, viz, weather

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