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Fri, Nov. 25th, 2005, 12:10 pm
Temporary Communities

Yet another note to remind me to write about temporary communities. In short there's advantages and disadvantages to Usenet, Mailing Lists, big ass Cc lists and yes, even blogs. Although I think they don't add enough value for the problems they cause.

But in the end they all do the same thing which is allow conversations to take place.

I like the idea of something (wave hands vigourously at this point) that allows me all the flexibility of a Cc list but all the permanence of a mailing list with the added ability to fetch all the archives so far.

Yoz showed me Quicktopic which isn't bad but isn't quite right either. Postings like this which links to this make me want to buy weapons and hunt people down.

I have vague thoughts about intercepting all ingoing and outgoing email and, of course, generating a Buscador site with it. But also each thread should generate a new unique resource (and could be part of any other unique resource since communities may have more than one thread) which would be recorded in the headers somehow and then exported some other how.

Must think more about it.