Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

AJAXy vs RESTian

There is, it seems, a Soloman-esque dilemma that faces those who wish to be buzzword compliant.

Obviously a meaningful RESTian URL is important. EventQueue already has this

    # Show a year 
    # Show a month
    # Show a day
    # Show an event

However certain aspects of navigation - moving between days, weeks and months and years would certainly benefit from some AJAX which would leave the url inconsistent with the display.

Week in particular would benefit from the ability to slide left and right by one day.

I suspect, however, that a meaningful URL is more important.

One solution, from Tom Insam, is to have

etc and parse the parts in Javascript which seems a bit icky but might just work. Especially since it will allow the same URL to be shared whether the handler is mod_perl or cgi without the need for mod_rewrite.

Tags: ajax, benefit, buzzword, cgi, dilemma, esque, faces, icky, inconsistent, javascript, meaningful url, mod perl, moving, navigation, obviously, parse, soloman

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