Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Abusing Google

brad was working on Brackup and in the comments of his LJ someone mentioned that a Gmail target would be cool.

Python has had an extension that lets it access Gmail including storing files on there (using a certain amount of trickery) which someone used, along with FUSE to create a Gmail File System

Perl had no such ability to store and retrieve files simply from Gmail. Clearly this had to be rectified. Hence Net::FS::Gmail. What's nifty is that it was trivial to create it as a versioned filesystem.

From there it was a relatively minor hop skip and a jump to create Brackup::Target::Gmail. Now if only Brad would write the restore bit of Brackup so I could test it ...

I'm now pondering a Filesys::Virtual backend. Because it's nice to be doing some hacking, ANY hacking, again.

Tags: access, backend, fuse, gmail, hacking, nice, nifty, perl, python, target, trickery

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