Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

/dev/diary to LiveJournal

For various reasons I'm probably going to want to start keeping a technical diary over at Livejournal and since I've already got this content it would seem a shame not to use it.

Currently everything is stored in a Pod file which is converted into the HTML you see around you using baroque processes which I appropriated from Richard Clamp

Some day I ought to get around to rewriting it but the upshot is that, theoretically, everything should be easily extractible and thus prime for sticking into LJ.

And lo! It was.

There were a couple of problems - the current structure is a heading followed by one or more subheadings representing posts. Obviously LJ doesn't have that so they had to go but, sometimes, a subheading refers to a heading like this so at that point it had to DTRT and combine the two. Related to that was the problem that I didn't want to give each post on a given day the same time so it assumes I post one an hour.

Secondly there were a number of internal links, possibly referring to stuff we haven't seen yet (since the latest entry is at the top of the Pod file) which required some finessing.

Thirdly it also had to make special cases for finding links to LJ blogs and making those use the internal linking markup.

Tagging was added by using the Yahoo!'s Term Extraction Service.

Now I just need to start listening to Fields of the Nephilim and whining about how my parents don't understand me.

Current Mood: smug

Tags: baroque, blogs, clamp, diary, fields of the nephilim, listening, livejournal, markup, obviously, pod, shame, smug, tagging, theoretically, upshot

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