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Thu, Jun. 22nd, 2006, 01:50 pm
I want to live with common people^W parts

The one thing about the keywords service from Yahoo! is that it's prone to returning keywords with common stems. For example if I was talking a lot about sheep it might return

    sheep, sheep shearing, sheep dipping, sheep rustling 

when really all I want to do is have it return 'sheep'. Enter Text::CommonParts which will also do the trick of


    sheep shearing, sheep dipping, sheep rustling, sheep shearing shears, sheep shearing shed

and returning

    sheep, sheep shearing

Given a singleton

    thing one, thing two, another thing

it does the right thing and returns

    thing, another thing

It has occurred to me that I may want a more complicated API that returns, instead of a list of common parts, a hash of common parts with the key being the part and the value being a list of the snipped off tails.