Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Stick a fork in me, I'm done (sort of)

If by 'done' you mean 'rare, in fact nigh on bloody'.

I just committed 3000 lines of code that represents a little over a month of work. It's by no means finished but it's not a bad first cut. I hope.

I feel a little deflated - I've been quite stressed about the whole affair and had a couple of false starts and second guessed my own ideas a few times. Working in isolation has been harder than I expected but for different reasons than I predicted - the worst thing has been not having anyone to bounce ideas off which, in turn, can lead to a lack of confidence in your own ideas. To have actually reached a first milestone turns out to be an anticlimax although hopefully I'll stop dreaming about the code now.

I suppose it's quite sobering to sum up a months work in 3000 lines. 3000 lines seems awfully little and San Francisco seems a long time ago. Of course part of that time was research and experimentation and nearly 2 weeks in to coding I suddenly had a brain wave and completely rewrote everything from the ground up but still.

I know that LOC is a poor development metric but at the moment I'm being quite hard on myself to prove that my current work situation is viable (to myself if nobody else) and whilst it's hard to compare developer A to developer B I think we all have a mental model of how productive we are on average.

On the other hand in the last week or so I've settled into a proper routine and have started becoming properly productive again. Also apparently the average number of LOC generated by a developer is measured in the few dozen and SLOCCount estimates that it's 4 person months worth of work so that's nice :).

The last week has been a frenzied bout of refactoring and documentation to get the code to a point where I can move it out of my own repository and commit it back into internal SVN. Next week will be deployment to testing on Six Apart servers and liaising with Product Leads and Ops in order to begin proper integration. I'm looking forward to getting a demo running - it's always nice to have something concrete to show for your efforts.
Tags: coding, programming metrics, project management, remote working

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