Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

I r on teh radio!!1111!!!

In the guise of my occasional alter-ego 'games journalist man' I got roped into reviewing the PS3 on BBC Radio 1 (which, for Americans and other aliens, is the biggest radio station in the UK).

The segment has been stuck up here - I'm on it a few time; 2 minutes and about 14 minutes in are the main bits.

It's quite heavily edited - we were basically sitting round a table chatting and so some stuff has been taken out of context. Also we didn't manage to get the phrase "to be this good takes ages" included. Either way - it's (yet) another nail in my geek coffin ;)

Also, FWIW - I was really not whelmed by the PS3. It felt cheap and the games were crap.

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