Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

90s Music Monday

Bah, whilst the young whipper snappers post their Hansons and Alanisesess (sp?) I feel I ought to share some Stourbridge greebo awesomeness with you. The finest band ever to be named after a Goon show character - Ned's Atomic Dustbin  and the seminal early 90s boredom anthem - Kill Your Television.

last month I went to see them play a small tribute gig for Mega City Four's Darren 'Wiz' Brown along with Therapy, Senseless Things and Carter USM (amongst others) which kicked several flavours of ass.

Some of you may know them from their cover of Saturday Night which featured in So I Married an Axe Murderer

The best thing about bands in the 90s? Much better logos for you to draw on your folders during Chemistry

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Tags: 90s music monday, greebo, indie, neds, neds atomic dustbin, stourbridge

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