Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Can't live my life with no rhythm or rhyme

I have music. Quite a bit of music. I got into the habit several years ago of going to the record stores on Berwick Street on Monday morning (for they are cheap and filled with the interesting and unusual) and buying a couple of CDs. One was usually something new I wanted or filled in missing gaps of my back catalogue and the other was something interesting that caught my eye. I wasn't above buying something just because it had a funky cover. Sometimes I got dross, sometiems I struck gold. If all else failed I'd borrow some of the new shouty from aca. If anybody knows t3h shouty then it's him.

So I have music. Lots of music. A disturbing 185GB of it according to du -h. Everytime I change computer I have lug things around and get music players set up and import libraries and ... it's a pain.

Since I started aquiring such booty shaking booty Flash media players have really taken off. Hell, even when I was doing my dissertation Flash had a 95% market penetration or something. A couple of years ago I opined that it would be better to store all my music in one web-accessible place and then just play it through a Flash player. The advantages are legion - for a start I can play my music from anywhere in the world without lugging round a portable hard drive. hell I could be in a bamboo shack in Bali and be listening to my extensive collection of "Gin and Juice" covers. There would be no need for potentially job threatening caches of music populating a work computer. I could store the perfect collection of play lists and have one for every mood. Hell, if it wasn't legally dubious I could let my friends listen to my music. Except I'd never do that lest I deprive an impoverished record exec of that essential second gold-plated Porsche.

Actually, even cooler, since it would just be a Flash player with a playlist anybody could add stuff to it and anybody could listen. Radio Simon's Friends.

Ok friend.
And I know what you're thinking, imaginary friends don't listen to music. But this one does it to keep me happy, ok.

Anyway ... so normal people would be able to have a group radio station. As long as they'd paid all their licensing fees and whatever first. Mere details.

Yet despite me giving it nearly a year and a half to come up with the good the Lazyweb has singularly failed to come up with anything. Or maybe they have and I just haven't noticed.

Those that care (all none of them) might have noticed a pattern in this journal. Before working for SixApart this was all a private diary for me to jot down open source musings. Since starting it's mostly been about work stuff. And 90's Music Monday and, err, no Open Source work. Because I haven't done any. Well, no new stuff. I've been keeping Net::Google::Calendar more or less up to date but that's it.

Yet insomnia is a wonderful thing.

So here's StoneCold (as in playa) - a first cut at making something like what I talked about. It's a bit rough around the edges. At the moment it only has one directory. It runs like a dog on my colo. It has very crude Album art support which requires a patch to the dev version of XML::RSS. There's no way to remove stuff from the playlist (I have code that removes a song once its been skipped or finished playing but that's problematic in a multi user setting). But all the important stuff there - all I need to do now is write some sort of directory navigation stuff and decide where the user authentication ought to live.
Tags: coverflow, flash, internet radio, music, open source

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