Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

On Vox: 90s Music Monday

We're going a little leftfield here. And showing my age.

This is one of the classic 16 bit demos - technically some of the graphics aren't that impressive but what did blow peoples' minds was the music and the fact that it was nearly 30 minutes long and only required 2 disks (although, you also needed two disk drives unlike many of the 2 disk reset demos that put clever code in the reset vectors).

Also there was the music - a storming bit of 90s rave by Echo (now known as SpoonWizard) that was one continuous 30 minute mix kicked off by the instantly recognisable Tubular Bells sample.

Personally I also like the muppet bit at minute 13 but that's just me ...

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Tags: 90s music monday, demos, echo, jesus on e, muppets, spoonwizard, tubular bells

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