Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Television, the drug of the nation

Que geek! That overwhelming urge to automate your life using nothing more than a rag tag collection of Perl scripts, RSS feeds, chewing gum and lollipop sticks. I'm convinced that if I had children they'd be read bedtime stories using a combination of Festival and Project Gutenberg.

Hmm, thinking about it - maybe that's why I was subjected to compulsory sterilisation by the state.

Anyway, I present tv2feed which turns a list of TV programs into an Atom feed of when they'll next be on. Shouldn't be too hard to augment it to put in season and episode number and the scour various torrent sites a day or so after and start downloading them.

Not that I'm advocating such a thing. I'm just saying. TV piracy is bad and wrong.
Tags: atom, hacking, perl, piracy, programming, tv

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