Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

Curiouser and curiouser

So, I suddenly noticed that Flume had some more features. "Fair enough", I thought, "it's presumably in heavy development". But then I logged in to my other account (the first one I got) and the features had vanished. So I logged back into my second account (the one I achieved through my 733t haxx0ring and, err, changing on a field in the XML) again and the features were back.

A quick delve later and I believe now that it's to do with the 'sassiness' (their word, not mine) rating of my 'Fountain' (grind teeth at name). At first I thought that might be to do with how many friends I had or something but that appears not to be the case. It appears to be more to do with a combination of who invited you and how 'sassy' your blog (a mandatory field in the signup process) is - presumably obtained through Alexa or Digg or Technorati or something.

Since I, err, obtained my second invite by guessing the user name of a A-list blogger my second account was deemed 'sassier' (that's actually giving me a headache now) than my first and I get correspondingly more features.

How ... weird.
Tags: flume, fountain, sassy

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