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Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008, 08:31 am
Stuck in the Middle with You

Yesterday got me thinking - I think it was the combination of the impromptu burlesque show at the flower shop, the gig, the pint, the synchronicity and the conversation but for whatever reason it got me thinking about Shelf again.

Shelf is people orientated - it makes heavy use of the address book and finds connections between what you're doing now and people you know. Which is fine. But it could be cooler.

Instead of just have a person as an initial seed for the clues how about other things? Starting simply - how about urls?

There's already information out there about urls - for a start there's whether it's owned by someone you know. Or its stats from Alexa. Maybe its PageRank value. Then there's when you last visited it and how often you've visited it and what's changed since then. And whether you del.icio.us-ed it or Duggit or whatever. And whether it was mentioned in any of your RSS or Twitter feeds or emails. You could add notes to annotate it.

The next natural step is your friends - what have they said? Have they added notes? When did they last visit it (ignoring the glaring privacy concerns for the moment)? Where did they go next? Hell, throw it open to everyone. What has the rest of the world got to say about this? Suddenly every page has comments whether they like it or not. And notes and errata. It's a Web! It's a Wiki! It's a Dessert Wax and a Floor Topping!

And then there's places. You're looking at a museum or a gallery and it tells you what pubs and restaurants are nearby. And if any of your friends will be close by. Show you photos from the location. Throw in a map. Maybe some historical information or local trivia. Great for when you're sitting at your desk but even better when you're actually out on the street and you look down at your iBlackickreo95 and it's using Cell location or GPS to work out where you are.

Listening to music? Album covers, lyrics, other albums, recommendations. Films? Stuff from IMDB - the actors, what else they've been in, awards, trivia, more recommendations from my friends.

Nurse! Come quick! I think the restraints are coming loose.
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Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 09:34 am (UTC)

Well, yes and no.

We already have all this data - well, most of it anyway. But how many times have you sat there with a browser window open on some page and thought - "Why the hell do I have this open?". Or been thinking "There was this page I saw last week and it mentioned something about this topic - did I get to it from Slashdot or did someone Twitter it or ..."

So I don't think it's about the amount of data (information really) - it's about how we organise and contexualise it. Like I said in the previous post - I want a quiet, efficient PA who's there when I want them and not when I don't and who magically seems to anticipate what I'm going to ask before I've even thought it.

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Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 09:50 am (UTC)

First off, semantically I think there's a difference between data and information - personally I feel that information has context and data doesn't but maybe that's just me. But from now on that's what I mean when I differentiate between them.

So yes, you're creating more information. But having more information doesn't necessarily mean that things get more confusing as long as it's highly contextualised and relevant. Which if it's your friends leaving you notes about arbitrary web sites then you'd hope it would be.

But is this really creating new information - comments on the new layout of some website or notes about some person's blog posts would have been written anyway, they'd just have been written on someone's else's blog and then you have to discover them by Trackbacks or by searching for the URL in your feed reader. This is clearly (FCVO 'clearly') better.

But yeah, your point is taken (there were a bunch of other examples you could have picked up on) - this isn't reducing data but hopefully it's converting more of it into information.

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 08:52 pm (UTC)


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