Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow

We didn't start the Fire

Yahoo! recently released FireEagle and jolly nice it was too - I've hooked it up to my Dopplr account and I have an idea of what to do with it of which more later.

However things were a bit confusing - there was a Net::FireEagle on CPAN by Aaron Straup Cope yet also a Net::FireEagle::Client linked to on the FireEagle page itself and they weren't really that much alike.

Because all of SF is a seething cabal I asked around and found that the CPAN version was an early version based on the old version of the API. And the ::Client version was somewhat lacking in things like, well, documentation. Or comments. Also it wasn't on CPAN which makes it somewhat of a second class citizen in the Perl world.

So after a bit, I ended up taking over the both of them. I renamed ::Client to just Net::FireEagle, adding CPAN scaffolding, refactored the hell out of it, wrote a load of docs and some (very basic) tests and a nifty little command line script which also serves as an example of how to do the Auth Dance[tm] (which reminds me - the OAuth Auth Dance is much nicer than the Google, Flickr and especially Facebook one).

And lo the updated version now resides on CPAN. It even has a user.

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