November 17th, 2004

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti

Buscador and Email::*

Simon (the other, other Simon) started the Perl Email Project and I got involved. I'd been noodling with an email search engine but he actually did something so I donated my Siesta trended name and then started to patch it. A lot. And then took it over because as much as I hate finishing things he hates it even more than me.

Then he quit doing Perl work and distributed his moudles amongst the masses and Casey and I took over the Email::* stuff. I'd been waiting on Simon accepting some patches to Email::Simple and Email::Store before releasing and now I had to wait for us to get the current modules reimported into some other version control system. Which has now (eventually) happened. But I've lost momentum. Which is bad.

Consider this a public reminder to myself to get my arse in gear.

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti


I recently tidied up various bits of my website and collated all the various hacks in to Perl and C/C++ sections. During this I found a quick script I wrote ages ago called cpanquery which did a fast local search against the file. To be honest this was back when a higher percentage of modules were in the module list but it was pretty neat and (if available) used Term::ANSIColor to highlight which modules were already installed. But the cody was pretty gnarly.

So, since I was bored at work I hacked up Parse::CPAN::Modlist to finish off the suite started by Parse::CPAN::Packages and Parse::CPAN::Authors. And it was fairly easy. So now cpanquery works again and isn't quite as embarassing.

However it would be nice to have a Parse::CPAN module that wrapped up those three modules into a super ur-module. Not that I've got much use for it but the completist in me would quite like to get it done.

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti


A while back I was trying to organise my life by writing stuff down in a month to view calendar. And it worked. Sort of. Apart from the fact that most of my life was organised electronically and I kept having to remember to go back home and read my email again and update the calendar and ... it was a mess.

So one Sunday I knocked up a simple web based diary. It wasn't sophisticated but it worked pretty well. I yak-shaved Text::Chump which made it easy to put inline links and (even though I've never used it) images. And I added a simple todo list feature.

And so all was well in the world.

Except it's a bit of pain having to put people's birthdays in every year so repeating events would be nice. And kitty_goth hacked in a multi-user mode which was groovy but was limited by the fact that the original design wasn't particularly scaleable.

Anyway, now NTK want an events aggregator so I may actually have the tuits to go and add all these features. It'd be nice for events to have categories too. But first things first - I want to get events back up and running in the new framework (whereby events will actually be able to span multiple days) and then recurring events and then ... well, everything else.

iCal/.ics import and export would be nice too.