February 10th, 2005

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Number o' modules

The London.pm CPAN Leaderboard tells me that I've put out 35 packages. With the 5 I've got waiting for Bot::Infobot (still pending a release of Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable from Tom) that'll bring me up to 40, leap frogging Leon to take me up to 6th place.

Not that this a race of course, but it is slightly worrying. That's a lot of crap I've spewed out - I'll be the 14th equal most prolific contributor to CPAN.

I should plot a graph of all my releases noting the difference between updates and new ones. I seem to remember my first module was File::Binary which I needed for my dissertation. The fastest release I did was Acme::Magic8Ball which went from conception to CPAN upload in 10 minutes. Of course then it needed a bug fix but hey ho ;)

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti


I need something to help me with my Japanese vocab so I've been thinking of writing Text::Vocab which will take a word and all its possible translations and then, depending on a pluggable chooser algorithm, ask you to for translations of words.

(Random thought for the default chooser - questions should be statistically less likely to be asked the more right you get them)

It must be able to do 2 way 1-to-many mapping because you might have word which multiple things in the source language such as, say, 'mug'. In English this can mean "a recepticle to hold drinks in", "attack someone and steal stuff from them", "scrunch your face up" and "a gullible person". Of course you might also have two different words in the 'target' language meaning the same thing in the 'source' langauge - for example dokou and dochira both mean where in Japanese (dochira is more polite).

It should, of course, be able to deal with Unicode and should be able to take langauge packs which people could contribute (Beginners Japanese, Advanced Spanish etc etc). Whether these should be in XML, YAML or some custom format or something else entirely is definitely an important question.

I'd probably ship it with an example 'testing' cgi app that drops in somewhere, looks for a config file and then presents a web page that asks you a load of questions.

The other thing to think about is phrases since they're not as clear cut as single words.

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti

email shennanigans

In a desperate push to try and get Buscador out I spent the last week battling various weird Email::* related bugs. That plus some stuff at work is what led to this.

Using the fantastic Devel::RichardC I got various things fixed, released new versions of Email::Store, Email::Store::Thread and Email::Store::Summary and released a new module called Email::Store::HTML.

Then I tried to work out where I'd been with Buscador the last time I played with it, cleaned up a few things, built a website for it and then finally did a release, depsite their being several unicode bugs - for a start an old version that happened to be installed deals with unicode names but my version doesn't. $diety only knows why.

I'm now completely code blind and lost all perspective on it so it's time for something else, if only temporarily.