December 16th, 2005

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AJAXy vs RESTian

There is, it seems, a Soloman-esque dilemma that faces those who wish to be buzzword compliant.

Obviously a meaningful RESTian URL is important. EventQueue already has this

    # Show a year 
    # Show a month
    # Show a day
    # Show an event

However certain aspects of navigation - moving between days, weeks and months and years would certainly benefit from some AJAX which would leave the url inconsistent with the display.

Week in particular would benefit from the ability to slide left and right by one day.

I suspect, however, that a meaningful URL is more important.

One solution, from Tom Insam, is to have

etc and parse the parts in Javascript which seems a bit icky but might just work. Especially since it will allow the same URL to be shared whether the handler is mod_perl or cgi without the need for mod_rewrite.

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti

Designer Specs

Thinking about restarting the gestalt project made me really think more about my recurring lack of friendly designer problem. It occurred to me that if a designer friend asked me to do some coding for them then I'd be much happier if I had a spec.

And so the reverse should be true and I've started collecting various specs here.

diesel, learning, evil, sweeti

Your Wistow Number - The Gestalt Redux

Steve Goodwin recently postulated the idea of a Wistow Number which I've decided, for purposes of paranoia, to take as a compliment.

Weirdly enough this was the original reason I bought (or had bought for me, technically) several years ago since some friends and I had joked about a roughly similar concept and I had visions of creating a giant graph of a large swathe of the London Geek community.

I started a prototype which needed facilities to delete and edit nodes (or entities) and also for entities and nodes to have timespans (with a possibly open 'end' date).

The nifty part, as far as I'm concerned, was that it not round the scaling problems of, say, FOAF because it only allowed connections between people in very specific cases such as them being blood relations, them being in a relationship and them changing their name. To be honest I was a bit iffy about the relationship thing as well.

I'm not sure why I never finished it - probably the same problems I always have in that I get disheartened when trying to dot the Is, cross the Ts and do the general spit and polish that makes a good app great. Oh for a pet designer.