April 19th, 2007

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Specially for burr86 it's time for yet another in the far more than you ever wanted to know series. And today this week month it's all about Latent Semantic Indexing. Never let it be said we ain't living the rock'n'roll lifestyle here at LJ London. All one of us.

*cough* *sob*

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How I spend my balmy summer evenings

For the next couple of weeks I'll be taking my gradings for Krav - the ultra violent Israeli martial art I do  due to the fact that I loathe gyms.  I place these here for posterity, so that in the future I can look back and saying "WTF was I thinking?" and so that, should I drop down dead somewhere the police won't think I was being abused or something.

Anyway, I present the results from the first night. It turns out to be surprisingly difficult to take pictures of your own bruises.

Left bicep

Left BicepLeft Bicep 2Left Bicep 3

Right bicep

Right inner wrist (blocking punches and "ice pick" style over arm knife stabs) - this one didn't really come out well ...

Right outer wrist (blocking punches, straight knife thrusts and protecting the face whilst someone's straddling you and trying to punch you)

Left leg (blocking kicks) - I took a nasty knock to this when me and my sparring partner both went up for a roundhouse kick at the same time and he was wearing shin pads and I wasn't

And right leg. I think I got these from a knee strike I did during my 3-on-1 pressure testing that nearly accidentally broke preachermuaddib's ribs  :(

Not shown - swollen right fingers from a gun disarm gone wrong (stupid trigger guards) , bruises on left inner and outer wrist (couldn't get a good photo), misc others in inaccessible places. No black eyes yet to spoil my otherwise ruggedly handsome (*cough*) good looks - touch wood.

Off out again tonight and then twice next week which should be ... interesting.

As a bonus - a couple of krav videos which sort of show where the bruises come from (excuse the cheesy death metal).

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