August 6th, 2007

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On Vox: 90s Music Monday

At the same time that this was released The Divine Comedy also released a track called "Something For The Weekend" - or "Something In The Woodshed" as most people seem to know it. It was good if you were into the surreal lounge act stylings of The DC but for me it just didn't compete.

Unfortunately it did much better in the charts and was played a lot more. Probably because it wasn't blatantly about drugs. This from a country which sent Ebeneezer Goode  to number 1 in the charts.

And thus began summer of false starts -
: "And next ... Something for the Weekend"
Me: "Yay!"
Radio: ... Melodic Strains of Divine Comedy ...
Me: "Boo!"

But now, thanks to the magic of YouTube I can relive that golden summer just the way I want. Apart from the other crappy stuff that happened. Some of which involved Welsh madness other than the Super Furry Animals.

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