March 24th, 2008

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My life in Non-Tweets

Since I don't have, and refuse to ever get, a Twitter account I have decided to summarise this weekend in the style of LoudTwitter because, yes goddammit I AM that geeky.

  • Friday night French Laundry
  • Saturday afternoon A Luau complete with a pit baked pig
  • Saturday night Awesome ice cream with two completely random new friends on the way to ...
  • Saturday night (again) ... a house warming party where it turns out that the two random new friends who were just giving me a lift knew someone at the party.
  • Saturday night (even later, more Sunday morning) Watch second half of Malaysian Grand Prix at Overtime on 7th and Harrison
  • Sunday morning Tool hire, DIY, ladders, drilling
  • Sunday afternoon the Big Wheel race down Vermont. Hilarity and Panda Bears ensued.
  • Sunday evening post BYOBW pizza and beers and Jesus Camp at ydnar's.
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Sixers (and Jesus) on Vermont

Living in San Francisco really doesn't suck.

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