Simon Wistow (deflatermouse) wrote,
Simon Wistow


A while back I was trying to organise my life by writing stuff down in a month to view calendar. And it worked. Sort of. Apart from the fact that most of my life was organised electronically and I kept having to remember to go back home and read my email again and update the calendar and ... it was a mess.

So one Sunday I knocked up a simple web based diary. It wasn't sophisticated but it worked pretty well. I yak-shaved Text::Chump which made it easy to put inline links and (even though I've never used it) images. And I added a simple todo list feature.

And so all was well in the world.

Except it's a bit of pain having to put people's birthdays in every year so repeating events would be nice. And kitty_goth hacked in a multi-user mode which was groovy but was limited by the fact that the original design wasn't particularly scaleable.

Anyway, now NTK want an events aggregator so I may actually have the tuits to go and add all these features. It'd be nice for events to have categories too. But first things first - I want to get events back up and running in the new framework (whereby events will actually be able to span multiple days) and then recurring events and then ... well, everything else.

iCal/.ics import and export would be nice too.

Tags: aggregator, birthdays, calendar, chump, diary, email, evans, groovy, ical, ics, multi user mode, nice, ntk, recurring events, shaved, sophisticated, span, todo list, yak

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