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Ticking off EventQueue TODO items

Everything I wanted to do with EventQueue is done. Except the UI. As previously mentioned I have all the design skills of a de-oculated swamp donkey and whilst I could hack something up to add and modify events it would look ugly and I'd actually like this to success and I think that's far more likely if it's a slick experience right from the get go.

The usual suspects are currently otherwise engaged so I may have to spread the net wider and start calling in favours.

Apart from that I'm quite chuffed with it. The caching seems to be making it pretty speedy (when kanga isn't running like a dog), the different Views work fantastically and themes work. I particularly like the NTK styled theme. Installing should be a doddle too due a nifty installer (err, just type eventqueue in a directory) and there's some developer docs that tell you how to write new themes, views and handlers.

Now where are those bloddy HTML monkeys ...