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From the "why hasn't anybody done this yet?" department

Five (5!) years ago I wrote about my perfect mp3 jukebox. What I'd actually like to end up with is something hanging on my wall which would essentially be two sheets of perspex with a micro-atx motherboard and a touch screen that displayed a carousel of album a la Coverflow.


In the mean time though what I'd like is something like Apache::MP3 but instead of streaming mp3s to Winamp or XMMS or whatever it plays stuff in an Flash player. In short, what I want is Coverflow + something like this thing which can be pointed at a directory of music and left on my webserver so that I may listen to my music from anywhere in the world without having to lug round either music or an audio player - all I'd need would be a computer with a network connection, flash and a soundcard. Hell, if I had a phone that could display flash I could play my music on that.

Sort of like Oboe/MusicLocker but personal.

Dear World, please supply with 1x same. KTHX bye luv simon xxx